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Event Sales was established in 1985 to serve the needs of retailers and manufacturers wishing to dispose of customer returns, surplus, closeouts, in-store damaged and other types of distressed inventories.
Customer Returns

If you are a retail outlet purchaser or a merchandise broker and need a resource for general customer returned merchandise, Event Sales offers a vast assortment of high-value goods with tremendous selection. You can always be confident that your customer returned truckload purchases from Event Sales will result in sales and profits for your retail outlets or wholesale customers. For further details please contact us.

What are customer returns?

  • Customer returns generally include the following:
    • Products actually purchased and then returned for various reasons by customers.
    • Most stores include in-store damages with customer returns.
    • Many stores include clearance products with customer returns.
  • Customer returns can include any product category consisting of both consumer hard lines and/or soft lines.

How we sell customer returns.

  • Merchandise comes directly from the retailer, manufacturer or wholesale distributor.
  • Event Sales sells customer returns by the truckload from various points around the country.
  • The customer returned liquidation products are usually sold as a percentage of the cost of retail or by the pallet. Pallets are typically shrink wrapped and stacked five to six feet high.
  • Whether or not a manifest (inventory) is provided depends on the method of sale and the retailer.
  • All offerings are subject to prior sale.
  • Payment is by wire transfer in advance of shipment.
  • Merchandise is sold "as is."

What quality can I expect?

  • By definition, customer returned loads may be less than perfect merchandise.
  • Products may be slightly damaged, missing some small elements, discolored, in a box that is damaged or less than perfect in some other way.
  • You may also receive large quantities of products that are new or like new. These may include:
    • Shelf Pulls
    • Clearance
    • Excess Products
  • Generally, less than 10% of all customer returned products may have to be discarded or are considered to be a total loss.

Are there restrictions?

  • Customer returned products cannot be advertised using the original retailer's name, manufacturer's brand, logo or any facsimile thereof.
  • Some customer returned products need to be delabeled by blacking out or removing store names or private labels.
  • In some cases, products are for export only.

Truckloads of customer returns represent a tremendous profit opportunity for small retailers, auction companies, brokers, flea marketers, or fund raisers for church groups and other organizations. Buying quality customer returned products at a fraction of the retail price will make you money! Event Sales professionals stand ready to assist you with your purchase.